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Tara A. Butler, CPT has been a certified trainer for over 13 years and has specialized background in pre/postnatal and rehab exercise.
Tara also has done many speaking engagements over the years and was a guest speaker at the 2007 Alpha-1 Health Conference in Washington DC, She is currently working on a book on exercising with COPD.
What Clients Are Saying!
  1. Nelly D.-Waterford, VA
    Nelly D.-Waterford, VA
  2. Lon Cabot
    Lon Cabot
"Tara has been my personal trainer for over 4 years. She has gradually improved my health with a specific exercise routine that is flexible, creative and includes all varieties of exercise techniques. She makes it interesting, fun and at the same time very challenging. She keeps track of your progress and returns each time with different routines that work on the specific areas you want to improve. As the time goes by I have noticed tremendous improvement in my BMI, weight progress and build up of my stamina. As a diabetes II patient for over 12 years, working with Tara has allowed me to keep my sugar levels under control. Her exercise routines have greatly improved my life. She’s a loving person and animal lover. It is a pleasure working with her."
Nelly Donovan
Waterford, Va
"I used to feel tired most of the time. Clothes fit tight. My back ached frequently. I had a bad shoulder that hurt often. And I generally felt the worst of my 61 years.
Then along came Tara. I listened. She explained a simple workout philosophy. I implemented it.
Today, I feel great and alert most of the time. I have dropped two pant sizes but kept my shirt size. My back aches less frequently. My bad shoulder has more range of motion than I can recall it having at any time. And I use the easy-to-follow instructions Tara leaves after each session EVEN on days she isn’t here to push me for “just two more.”
Money spent for workouts with Tara is the best money I ever spent. Highly recommended!!! She is professional, accommodating and flexible with workout hours.
Want to feel better than you have in a long time? Want to lose weight? Call Tara!!"
Lon Cabot, 61-year-old clock puncher.
Stephens City, Va
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